One Q BBQ GRILL modular kit from Hearth Manor Fireplaces


One Q Modular Grills

Why does the host of a grill party always had to turn his back on his guests while preparing their food? It would be much more social to have a BBQ where friends and family could gather around. From that, first basic idea of oneQ arose: a cooking island with different kitchen features on every corner. The island is divided into separate linkable modules to create more flexibility. The minimal basis of the current oneQ modular grill system -the Leg- makes countless different set ups possible. Through its flexible design, the oneQ modular grill caters to anyones needs.

One Q BBq & Modular Grill Outdoor Set

One Q Flame Set from Hearth Manor Fireplaces

Modular Grill Flame Set

Product Specifications

Material : Steel, Inox, Glass, Wood
Color : Black, Inox, Brown
Product Size (mm) : 880x440x122
Box Size (mm) : 989x563x570
Weight (kg) : 33


Product Specifications

Material : Steel or Inox
Color : Black or Inox
Product Size (mm) : 440x440x92
Box Size (mm) : 935x255x135
Weight (kg) : 9,7

One q bbq modular legs from Hearth Manor Fireplaces

modular flame piece for the One Q BBQ from Hearth Manor Fireplaces


Product Specifications

Material : Steel, Inox
Color : Black, Inox
Product Size (mm) : 407x407x320
Box Size (mm) : 480x434x345
Weight (kg) : 8,8


One Q modular BBQ