Savannah Series

Steel Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Insert

wood burning insert

Max BTUs/hr 11,000–55,400

 Air Wash Manifold

Exceptionally clean glass — Preheated air is dispersed downward to shield the glass from soot particles for a clear view at all times.

Panoramic Viewing Area

Enjoy the view of dancing flames — The clean-front glass door provides an excellent view that friends and family will love.

EPA Phase II Certified

Eco-friendly performance — With 3.5 g/hr particulate emissions, this eco-friendly non-catalytic wood burning insert is certified to meet EPA requirements. It even meets the stricter Washington state emissions standard.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed to last — Vermont Castings prides itself on producing beautiful hearth systems that are made to last.

Self Adjusting Surrounds

Flexible installation — The optional surrounds are designed to accommodate variations in fireplace depths. Available in two sizes: 30″ x 40″ and 34″ x 44″.