Spark Modern Fires

Direct Vent 3 ft


A truly modern fire—clean, uncluttered lines framing a pure ribbon of flame. A fixed glass window complements its sleek dimensions. The fire ribbon direct-vent provides a flawless focal point for any contemporary space.

Direct Vent Slim 46

A lean profile with substantial visual impact. This wall mounted fire delivers maximum impact with minimum hassle. It hangs on the wall, saving space and the time and cost of installation or renovation. Just vent through an outside wall or the roof, hang it—and enjoy. SPARK’s signature Fire Ribbon look has never been easier.

Direct Vent Vu See Thru

This design lets you look right through your fire and enjoy it from two rooms. It’s a natural choice for any contemporary floor plan.

The Spark vu-thru has an open, airy window feel that fits flawlessly into any modern environment. Along with double the fire, its clean lines offer a sleek and subtle way to define open space.

Because this is a direct-vent fire, install it anywhere with no need for either a chimney or hearth. Vent to the outside, through a roof or an exterior wall—ensuring no drafts, no heat loss, and an efficiency rate of nearly 80 percent.