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Sitting by the fire is one of the things most of us look forward to doing as winter approaches. As we move back into hibernation mode, there are numerous things to think about to make our homes as cozy and safe as possible.


Homeowners should always have a fire and carbon monoxide detector installed and functioning properly. Don’t forget to change the batteries regularly!


Store paper, wood and other flammable materials such as clothing or blankets well away from both wood and glass fireplaces.


Have proper tools and accessories on hand for safe operation of a wood-burning fireplace. Dry well-seasoned wood and proper kindling are essential to have a safe wood-burning fire and you should never use cardboard.

Fire extinguishers are a safety necessity in every home. Be sure to have them accessible and be familiar with how to operate it.


It is important to have your fireplace checked regularly. Wood- burning fireplaces should have the chimney cleaned and maintained by a certified professional. Creosote and soot can

build up causing potential fire hazards. Various animals might also be hibernating in the chimney. A certified professional

has the expertise and equipment necessary to examine, clean, maintain and repair all areas of your fireplace and chimney.

Gas fireplaces should also be cleaned, serviced and checked regularly by a certified technician. Elements such as the pilot light, ignition system, venting, dampers and chimney should all be inspected regularly.

Many gas fireplaces will work during a power failure offering peace of mind in knowing you have the safety and convenience of heat from a gas fireplace.

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